Riva classic wood boats and movie stars

actress Brigitte Bardot in her Classic wood Riva boat

movie star Brigitte Bardot in her classic wood Riva boat

Brigitte Bardot was the movie’s ever first “sex kitten” movie star. She modeled for Elle magazine at the age of 15. By age 22, she played the lead role in the Roger Vadim movie And God Created Women. This was the type of actress that then morphed into the sex movement of the 1960s. She owned several Riva wood Boats.

Elizabeth Taylor owned at least one Riva boat. Taylor was a movie star in some 50 films over her lifetime. She was best known for her role in Cleopatra. Miss Taylor was married eight times (twice to Richard Burton), suffered from over 70 illnesses. She loved jewels, men, and eating.

Back in 1966, Carlo Riva, then owner of Riva boats, was interviewed for a magazine. In that interview, he related how he used nine coats of varnish; four sprayed, and five brushed on and hand rubbed. He went on to say that all Riva wood boats were tested in the water for at least sixty hours before it was sold.

Carlo then said that his stainless steel metal came from Sweden, his windshield glass from Belgium, the wood screws from England, the boats various textiles from Italy, and his boat’s engines from the United States.

Interestingly, a twin engine wood Riva boat took 36 days to make while a single screw inboard Riva took only half as long at that time.

He and his customers preferred, based on purchase patterns, Chevy engines five to one over the 290 Horsepower 413 Chrysler engines. Most of those Chevy engines were rated at 185 horsepower at that time.

Photos from Riva boats.

classic wood Riva boat at the stern of Elizabeth Taylor's yacht

Elizabeth Taylor and her yacht and her Riva wood boat

special interior shown in a classic Riva wood boat with Anita Ekberg

1960 photo of movie star Anita Ekberg in her classic wood Riva

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