Restoring a 1946 Greavette Classic Cedar and Mahogany planked Wooden Inboard Runabout

new cedar planking on Greavette boat bottom

new cedar wood bottom planking on 1946 Greavette Boat ltd

This is a 1946 model Canada built Greavette 20 foot classic wooden boat. She is still owned by the original family. Wooden Boat Restoration llc is restoring the boat with some new mahogany ribs and a cedar wood chine as well as “as original” cedar wood planked bottom. George Hazzard likes to keep his boat restoration work as close to original as possible while still meeting a boat owner’s needs for a functional show piece. If the boat only needs a “clean-up” that is what it gets. Does it need selective replacement of some wood? Well, he does that, too. He even takes what some would have to cut up and make an Antique and Classic Boat Society Award Winner out of it.

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Like many Greavette boats this one came from Tom Greavette’s Gravenhurst shop powered by a 4 cylinder Buchanan engine. The family had that engine replaced with its current 6 cylinder Grey Marine. Yes, it is a not the engine this custom wood boat left the factory with in 1946, but the first owners recognized that they needed more power after just one short Canadian season of lake use. Is it properly called a “replacement engine” in ACBS judging rules? An engine that was in the boat for 65 of its 66 years? I would hate to be an ACBS judge on this one.

You should have seen the fitting of the new chine on the starboard side. Wow! It follows the curve of the hull, the upward sweep near the bow, curves inward to match each rib curve/angle, and notches into some places along the way! This was done with table saw rough cut wood, tapered with some hand planes, and then almost hand-carved to its finish for a perfect fit.

classic wooden boat bottom planking

note the angle of the planking in relationship to the keel

Note, the same-as-original “angled” bottom planks in my photos. It is very different from other classics in the direction of planking line-ups, which is usually parallel to the keel.

Tom Greavette, the founder, started what was Greavette Boats, LTD in 1930 and died in 1958 pretty much still running the business. His daughter ran it with her husband until 1962.  Other owners/managers offered a “Greavette” boat till about 1978.

sister ship Greavette boats ltd

sister ship


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