Pride of Baltimore II

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A goodwill ambassador for the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland, generally in the Chesapeake Bay region. Shown here in Annapolis inner harbor, dry docked, and under sail she was on tour from her Baltimore home slip.

She is a 100 foot (on deck) by a 26’ 4” foot beam Topsail Schooner. The ship draws 12’ 6” and has a sail area of 9,018 sq. ft. The bow spar makes her 157’. The total height is 107’. The Pride of Baltimore II carries 40 tons of internal ballast, but also has 20 tons of outside ballast. She displaces 185 tons.

The ship has two Caterpillar 160 HP diesels in an eight foot long engine room. These engines can move her at an 8 knot cruising speed. She carries enough fuel for a 1,200 mile range.

She has the foc’c’sle that has six bunks. Plus, a double stateroom for the engineers and another double stateroom for teachers/instructors. Finally, there are three staterooms for three officers, including the captain. There are two additional guest cabins that are doubles.

Thomas Gillmer was the ship’s naval architect. Her ship builder was Peter Boudreau. She was built in Baltimore’s inner harbor, starting on May 3,1987 using modern tools. The ship’s maiden voyage was on October 23,1988.

Central American from Belize hardwoods for the keel and framing plus Douglas fir from the Pacific Northwest went into the masts, deck, hull and interior.

The original Pride of Baltimore was knocked down in a quick storm in 1986 about 250 nautical miles north of Puerto Rico. A squall knocked the Pride on its side within seconds, and it sank within minutes, it is said. Four members of the crew died in that tragedy.

The new ship is not a replica of that ship or any other. She does represent a “Baltimore Clipper”. Her masts are raked back among other things and she carries ten sails. The original clipper that was the inspiration of the two ships was a ship that sailed in around 1812-1814 out of Fell’s Point in Baltimore. She was the Chasseur. She, her captain, and her crew were nicknamed the “Pride of Baltimore”.

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