Posh, Mahogany Bay Classic Boats, John Hacker, boat designer

…POSH, the flagship of Mahogany Bay, is a 1937, 54’commuter, designed by John  Hacker and built at the Huskins Boat Works in Bay City, MI.

WeeJoe II was one of only three Hacker designed-Huskins built boats ever made.   These three Hacker boats are among the most famous, and some say the most beautiful, commuter style yachts ever built.

A 44-footer was owned by Guy Lombardo under the name TEMPO (the same name that he used for his race boats). 

WeeJoe II, at a length of 54’, was built second. 

The third boat in the series was built for George Wittell in 1939, and includes a stainless steel cabin roof  which was designed to mimic the lines of  his DC2 airplane. He named the boat Thunderbird, after his estate on Lake Tahoe, part of which is known today as Incline Village

These three boats represent the most limited of limited production, and, in many ways, it’s amazing all three have been preserved, and still exist. We are honored to have both Tempo and WeeJoe II (POSH) as part of the Mahogany Bay Collection. 

We rechristened her POSH, in honor of Bob Speltz wrote a series of books called The Real Runabouts featuring several wooden boat manufacturers.  In volume three of his series, he described WeeJoe II as ‘posh’ because she was such an elegant commuter boat. 

Posh is a working girl.  She has been instrumental in raising funds for local charities.  Often donated as a live auction item, our POSH cruises have raised several thousand dollars for charities…

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