Preserved, not Restored, 42’ Classic Wooden Cruiser Yacht

wooden boat yacht cruiser inboard matthews

seabuddy photo of main salon

I was aboard a wonderful classic yacht at the invite of the yacht’s owners this past weekend. Here seabuddy wants to share with you the delightful two hours I had aboard a 42’ classic wood cabin cruiser in Tuckerton, NJ. In doing so, seabuddy will point out for you some points about cabin cruiser layout. During this visit, I had an opportunity to see and feel first-hand the usability of the interior of the yacht; its main salon, galley, and staterooms.  I also moved around and socialized within the exterior of this classic; the bridge area as well as the aft cockpit.  Remember, I was a simply a newly welcome guest on someone’s private home afloat and yet I was welcomed to poke around to my heart’s content and then dialog about  construction treatments, layouts, finish, maintenance, fuel burn, and  the cruising horizons of this yacht during this year. Did I ever say that I love the Philadelphia Chapter of the ACBS Boat Show in Tuckerton? Weather I did or did not, let me say it again, Boy, do I love the ACBS!

This 1961 Preserved Classic Yacht is an excellent example of what made a Matthews Yacht very desirable among cruising yachtsmen. First, let us look at the living room or main salon. It is open, filled with bright sunshine with views outside, and has a bigger sense of space than the square footage that you walk on. The Galley and dinette are at another level, but the main salon ceiling line stays at one, full height, even over these two lower level interior features. This gives a grand vista at eye level anywhere within this main living area. Next, the yacht has a proper, fixed dinette alongside the galley. Other designers may want to squeeze in a third stateroom where the dinette is located, but the functionally of a dinette cannot be over-stated in a boat used for cruising.

wooden cabin cruiser boat photo image

Seabuddy photo of the Dinette at another level compared to Main Salon

Matthews Company Yachts were 100% crafted in wood from 1890 to 1969. Then, there was a switch to yachts using fiberglass hulls from the Halmatic Company in England. These finished hull forms were shipped to Matthews Yachts in Port Clinton, Ohio from  1969 till the Matthews business closed in 1975.There these English fiberglass hulls had decks, deckhouses, engines and the cabin interior added to the hull. The yacht I was aboard was an all wood boat.

Notable high points over the years for the Matthews Company. It made a 16 horsepower custom 35’ gas powered boat that set the record for an Atlantic Ocean crossing in 1912. Matthews built as big as a 110’ diesel powered yacht over the years. This one was designed by the famous naval architect, John Wells. They also built several 110’ Sub Chasers for the war effort. Matthews Yachts also built at least one 50’ wooden yacht for the notable Ringling Bros. Three Ring Circus family for their personal use while on the west coast of Florida.

wood boat photo image inboard cabin cruiser

Seabuddy photo of a preserved 1961 Matthews Yacht built in 1961

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  • Chris

    That is a very nice article about Midnite Lady. Thanks for stopping and spending time with us.

    Bob & Karen Scarborough

  • I really enjoyed our time together. I have been somewhat sick recently. Sorry for the delay.

  • In the early to late 70’s I owned a 1960-61 Matthews like this one, and have wondered if it is still afloat. Many great memories. It was named Fair Lady. Only custom feature is I made the bed on the port side about a foot wider.

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