Owens wooden runabout boat under restoration

wood side rails of a classic Owens wooden boat photo image

see the mix of old and new in this classic wood Owens boat photo

This Owens Flagship is an outboard powered boat. Here the boat has been flipped right-side up. At this stage, much of the selecting, fitting, scarfing, and screwing / securing of the new sections of wood in conjunction with the boat’s existing bottom and hull side work has been done. Note the mix of old and new wood.

www.mywbr.com is just starting to work on fitting the boat’s deck pieces back into their original position. Those sections that are still good pieces will be the beginning of defining a runabout deck, side rails, motor well, and cockpit for this Owens wooden boat restoration. Some of the new wood is being trial fitted as shown in these photos. Much of a runabout’s look and impact on the water will come from the deck. Most Antique and Classic Boat Society boat owners like to be reviewed or judged by experts against a very exacting set of standards. For that and other reasons, this classic outboard powered runabout needs to be restored to the highest level of fit and finish.

The dash board of this Classic Owens outboard was saved by George Hazzard and his crew as much of it can be cleaned, stripped, stained, and finished with many coats of varnish. Wooden Boat Restoration, LLC has a very complete paint booth on site to best achieve that high level of finish that makes for a boat that fellow boaters look at with admiration.

The steering wheel and its assembly are to get their own separate attention for a proper total classic boat restoration. I have seen George’s work on these types of somewhat side issues and must say that his inventiveness and attention to detail is outstanding.

new wood transom mixed with old wood of wooden Owens runabout boat photo

new wood for the transom of classic wood outboard Owens runabout

wood dash board for classic wood Owens runabout restoration

original wood dash for this classic wooden Owens runabout

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