Name the Riva, please

wood boat photo image Riva yacht

Note the toe rail on the fore deck on this Riva

We are having a great discussion with some expert classic wooden Riva fans, restorers, and current/past owners of the brand via email. I am a fan, the others are, too. I may be right or wrong in a post here at, but I try for the truth in discussing boats. They are a long time love.
In one of my articles on Riva wood boats, I posted some photos and that started our current discussion. I enjoy such opportunities to learn and talk about boats. Everyone has a voice and input to the base of knowledge about classic Riva boats.
So, this is the wood boat. These are some additional Riva boat photo images taken by me on the same day of the same boat. Plus, here is a link back to the other write-up and pictures of the same Classic Wood Riva Boat taken the same day as these were.

Some boat model name choices are Tritone, Ariston, Super Ariston, Aquarama, Super Aquarama, and Long Super Aquarama. These are single and twin engine boat models and perhaps the first point would be to decide if this classic has one or two engines. Next think about the hatches on the rear deck as they I.D. some models. Next, look at the dashboard where some script and gauges and the throttle/shift information is mounted around the steering wheel. Then the raised toe rail at the outside edge of the foredeck and the presence of a siren are clues.

classic wood boat Riva bow photo image

detail photo of the boat's bow

This is not a contest. It is a desire to correctly name this classic wood Riva boat model.

windshield of classic wood Riva boat photo image

look for clues that indicate what model Riva that this boat is, here

I went to print with my model name thoughts in the link I have put into this posting, but I now I believe my I.D. to be at least suspect if not downright wrong. Please use to join in the discussion.

Riva wood classic boat photo image

Do you think this is a one or two engined boat?


I have heard from an impectable source that the boat is a 1966 Riva Super. She is unusal in that she has hatches on her aft deck, not the main stream for this model, sun lounge pad that Ted Kennedy once made infamous. Power is twin 427 engines.

Thanks. This was fun!

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