GarWood runabouts from Mr. Gar Wood made wood power boats

GarWood speedboats first built wood runabouts as a triple cockpit boat in 1922. She was a 33’ long speedboat that used the hull shape and design from his race boats. This model was the famous Baby Gar. By 1927 Gar Wood added a second Baby Gar triple cockpit in a 28’ length. By 1930, these were joined in production with a 22’ speedboat. The 18’ and 25’ models came along in 1931. All these power boats were cockpit runabout speedboat models.

Wood was the boat building material of choice for all boat builders back then. Mahogany was used for planking and often oak for the framing. GarWood Boats were no different about the wood choices, just in the specific boat design details and the quality of the finished product. He and his company wanted the highest quality in all the boats that wore the Gar Wood name.

In 1935 GarWood added a 20’ utility (or open) runabout to its line of boats. This was its first utility design. More utilities were added in a 20’ length in 1936, a 18’ in 1936, and a 24’ utility in 1937. These power boats were all made of wood also.

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