1954? Or 2011? Aristo Craft Outboard boat flying

Here is one of seabuddy’s favorite boat photos. It’s a couple having the time of their life in a boat on the water. It’s a thrill, it’s a treat, its getting in touch with life; all wrapped up in one snapshot.

Boating takes people down many paths and all those choices are fine with chris brown / seabuddy. Having fun on the water and with boats reduces my stress and makes me reflect back to my teen years where my boat was my way of going from adolescence to an early-age adult. I got the freedom to explore what life is about via my boat, not with a car. The car time was for young men growing up in NJ was 17 years and older.

I passed my first Coast Guard Auxiliary exam at age 10 (in Toms River, NJ). I had been boating since age 7 starting with a hand-me-down rowboat that my uncle gave. “Paint it, caulk it, and its yours”, his words to me. That started this passion for boating that  still going strong at age 61.

My wife openly calls boating “my mistress” and she accepts that in me as her husband.

Aristo craft boat flying a wake for the thrill of it

She is an Aristo Craft, about a 1954 model year with a Mercury outboard all up in the air because the helmsman has just used a wake crossing to “catch some air time”. These boats are a business for a Grandson and Son of the founder of the a  started in 1945 as a post WW II.boat building business.  His Dad, as I understand it, switched out of wood boats to only making fiberglass runabout boats in 1960. AristoCraftboats, remember that name. AristoCraftboats.

Does this photo get your juices going, too? Want to know more about this type of boating, and what are your choices: self or professional restoring, commissioning a new one, just like the an original one? Boat trim parts? Old outboard motors? Windshield parts? Contact here.

The original family boat builders

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  • john:

    hello, I have a aristocraft sea flash just like the one in your picture. Its red and white and in good shape for an old boat. Has no motor or traier but does have all hardware except stern light. Its a classic!!!!

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