Not your Father’s Picnic Boat Anymore

note the vee berth reflects how fine an entry the hull has to cut through the waves

Note: See at Annapolis Boat Show 10/ 14 -10/17 …free to multi day passes at $47 to pick from

top style moving on the water

The Hinckley Picnic Boat MK III now has…a slightly elevated the pilothouse and the difference is dramatic.

The twin Volvo four cylinder diesel 300 Hp engines are repositioned to reside completely below deck, freeing up significant space aft for relaxing and entertaining. These Volvos are also common rail, DOHC , turbo’d, aftercooled and have as much torque at 2,400 rpm A t 3,500 rpm. Built-in storage space keeps the entire deck area free of clutter.

The Picnic Boat MKIII has a deeper-V hull for stability and comfort in all weather and sea conditions. Yet it requires only two feet and one inch of draft (engines off), making it equally at home a few feet from the beach, or well offshore. And of course, the hull construction is a Vinylester resin-infused composite of Kevlar, E-Glass, and Carbon Fiber, making the hull light, stiff, and impact resistant.

It is fast, responsive, and quiet, with lower drag at speed for fuel efficiency. Take a close look at the Picnic Boat MKIII and you’ll see a familiar, understated aesthetic that merges form and function. Look deeper, and you’ll discover a range of innovations such as twin-diesel engines, an open-deck design, a raised pilothouse, and a hull capable of providing stability and comfort under a wide range of conditions. The Picnic Boat’s love affair with the water lives on.

it takes your breath away


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