Newest Chris Craft w/Mercury or Yamaha outboards

nice boat! its the new Chris Craft

World-wide, most would use the Mercury Verado supercharged outboards for the service support. Here in the USA, most would go with twin 250 Hp Yamaha outboards. Chris Craft also offers this boat sans any engines at about a $31,500 less of a price.

another angle

This 21 degree v hull is 29’5” by 10’ 2” and weights in at 8,000 to 8,500 lbs with engines.

nice seating and layout

A special option is a set of outriggers for fishing. Just think, fishing from your Chris Craft!

Sharp Helm layout

Known for its good ride in the ocean, this Chris Craft new boat model may signal a new direction for a top –of-the-line Chris Craft brand.

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