New Classic Boat Book on Chris Craft by Tony Mollica

Seabuddy / chris brown has now had one of these newest books for just 10 minutes on boating and Chris Craft boats in his hands to flip through the first few pages.

If you want seabuddy’s recommendation on this new boating book, here it is…get in your order quick!

Wives, friends, and everyone else that want a gift suggestion that will wow someone that you love, get this book!

Get one for your work desk or coffee table at home and make a solid connection with everyone that picks it up for a quick look through.

Just provide a comfortable chair and your new “best friend” looking at this new book will be entranced for as long as you want them to be.  

It is a great read as well as a dominate coffee table book.

Tony Mollica has out done his classic wood boat and boating history book efforts with this one… and he is a top writer on boating. The fact that Chris Craft family member, Chris Smith is right along with Anthony Mollica in presenting this marine book is a definite plus. The resources of the two authors and the photo archives of the Mariner’s Museum and others enrich the fact filled text with a wonderful support system to tell the Chris Craft story.

For instance, the weaving of the Chris Craft and Gar Wood story, as partners and then competitors, in the early boat racing years offers a special sub-story all on its own. Its rememberences and facts such as this one that causes seabuddy / chris brown to look at the book as a much more full experience than the title, Building  Chris – Craft, inside the factories as far too limiting for the material covered.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 176
Length: 10.875 x 9.25
ISBN-13: 9780760335925
Catalog ID: 147136

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