Hacker Craft classic boats

classic inboard wooden boat cockpit hacker craft photo image lake george new york

seabuddy photo Hacker Craft cockpit at Lake George, NY

Hackers are being made today on the shores of Lake George, NY. They make classic and modern wood boats using all the safety and ease of use modern engines and equipment for maximum on-the-water enjoyment. Being in control and comand is important to any owner of boat that he wants to use as well as show.

Hacker Craft is a boat building company, not just a two-man boat shop. They have a 32,000 square foot main boat building north of the lake, and they have a Silver Bay location on the lake for showings, demonstrations, and deliveries. Plus, they have another 11,000 sq. ft. plus for finishing work and two more additional locations for the storing of as many as 240 boats. It is quite a campus devoted to boats that boats lovers get excited about. A tour of Hacker Craft Boats is a must in any pre-buying process, if one wants a top-of-the-line quality boat.

Hacker-Crafts are an enduring brand. As custom and small run hand-built classic craft, they have led the idea of boat craftsmen-ship in the USA. Each boat has thousands, not 50 hours of hard work in its creation. Such attention causes other boaters on the lake or bay to say to their friends onboard… Look, there is a Hacker!

These fine classic craft use the ideas and designs of John L. Hacker, the noted naval architect of such boats as Pardon Me. Thunderbird. El Largarto. Bootlegger. Peerless. Dolphin. Kitty Hawk. The Belle Isle Bear Cats. My Sweetie.  Others may take their thoughts on mahogany boat design from John Hacker, but his designs lead the way.

wooden boat framing hacker craft epoxy wood

seabuddy boat photo of Hacker Craft framing example

Seabuddy understands that Hacker Craft build in several sizes from 20 to 42 foot boats.

More info here … http://www.hackerboat.com/?locale=en_US

Hacker Craft classic wood runabout boat planking contruction

seabuddy boat photo of Hacker Craft classic wood boat contruction


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