Center Console Boston Whaler 370 Outboard

center console boat photo image outboard

triple engined Boston Whaler Center Console boat

Here is the reason for the outboard configuration of the next Sea Ray boat model, the Sea Ray 370 Venture, which is to be outboard powered. This Boston Whaler luxury center console boat is sold out for 2012 and 2013. They cannot make them fast enough to please parent Brunswick Corp.; owner of Hatteras, Boston Whaler, and Sea Ray boat companies. It is one boat that is a sales success.

This center console boat measures 37’ 6” overall. She uses a center console style beam, rather than a sport cruiser or yacht beam, to match-up with the outboard power. She uses the less EPA clean engines for power. These Verados are 2 Star rated, not the 4 Star rating by the EPA, that a I/O or stern drive powered boat would be rated. That older technology makes the engines cheaper to make.

Look for a boat test on this center console Boston Whaler. Top speed is right at 50 mph with a fuel burn of 80-85 gallons of fuel as a fuel burn at that speed. Figure on burning just over 30 gph at 27-30 mph. This was with a 15,500 lb. boat with a half of tank of fuel, two people onboard, and only 25 lbs of gear during the test. Note, this outboard powered 37’ Boston Whaler uses three (triple) outboards to get a 0 to 30 hole shot in the 10 second range (a little slow, but OK).

Sea Ray will only use two (twin) engines in a heavier basic boat and cruisers normally have more gear and cruising amenities on board. Add a less-than-perfectly-clean boat bottom and the Sea Ray may have issues in getting up on plane. Take a test ride for yourself, before you buy the boat.

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