2013 Post Sport Fishing Yacht coming

mold to make a Post yacht deck house upside down in travelift

Deck House Mold for Post Yacht, check the man for a size relationship

www.postyacht.com is the web site as news becomes available.

In what step is the company and its flagship model in right now? The 56 foot Sport Fishing Yacht molds are in Maryland now. All but one of the boat building buildings is complete and that last building is well under construction. Seabuddy saw more than a dozen workers in the yard working on boats and that building during a late winter Friday afternoon visit.

It was in just before last Christmas that John Patnovic, owner of Worton Creek Marina bought the assets of Post Yachts. He is famous up and down the East Coast for his top-shelf manufacture (or remanufacture) of tired Bertram Yachts, particularly making Bertram 31s all new again and repowered with diesels to make fishing and cruising an up-to-the-minute experience. John has the confidence of experienced yachtsmen in his talent to get big things done. If you do not know him, just check out one of his boats. Seeing one of them is often the reason that folks sight as the reason that they brought their harder marine jobs to Worton Creek Marina for John to work his magic on.

The original Post Marine got caught in the downturn in the boat business. They closed the doors of a boat builder that had been making yachts since 1957. Russell Post, the founder of Post  Marine, had been a lifelong boat builder and was, in fact, one of the four original founding partners of Egg Harbor Yachts in back in 1946. Once Mr. Post retired, other long time employees ran Post Marine. Then after all those years of building those sweet-running boats a modern business recession got them.

While Post started out in the wood boat business, the company transitioned to pretty much all fiberglass boats years ago (the last boats had some mahogany wood incased inside their fiberglass engine beds). Now the latest in proved fiberglass materials are slanted for the 2013 yachts.

boat builder building being framed photo

last Post Yacht building under construction

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