1994 – 2012 Bryant Boats are wood-free boats

2012 fiberglass bow rider runabout 233 Bryant boats swim platform

big swim platform on a 2012 Bryant 233 boat

Here is the take away about just two key differences that sets Bryant Boats apart from most boats seen in a boat show.

One, Bryant boats are 100% wood free construction in their hulls, decks, stringers, cockpit liners, transoms, seat bases, side panels, and motor mounts. Many family runabout boat companies say they are wood free, but take a walk around their boat building plant and you will see lifts of plywood stacked in with the boat building supplies. Do you not want or cannot visit all the potential boat companies you are considering? Ask this simple, but long question of a factory representative. Is it guaranteed that there is not any wood, anywhere in his boat and in any of its parts?

Two, almost all boat builders say that their boat is “Hand Laid”. It is a must have answer to get folks to look at a boat. The problem is industry practice is not uniform as to what Hand Laid means. All boats show a finish that is a sprayed-in gel coat shiny finish. After that, some think that their bow rider is – Hand Laid – if only one layer of fiberglass is laid up into the construction of the boat and then all the other layers (boats take several layers of built-up glass to make their major parts) in the boat are sprayed in with a chopper gun and then hand “rolled” into a tight mix. Practically all boats are hand – rolled. That rolling step does not really make for a hand laid boat. It is just one aspect of a two aspect process. The problem with this hand laid, high quality way to build a boat is that few people on the boat show sales floor can explain these differences, let alone correctly say that their boat is fully hand laid.

Bryant boats are hand laid and wood free boats. I have been in their boat building factory and seen the boats in all stages of construction. I have visited many other boat builders, also. I know and have seen first-hand the differences.

aft seating in a 2012 Bryant 233 fiberglass boat photo

there is a walk into the cockpit passage way in this photo

2012 Bryant 233 boat photo of under seat ice chest

the ice chest is hidden under one of the "no wood" bow seats

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