Monterey 254 FS Boat Inboard Outboard

Funny, the LOA of the Monterey 254 series is 26’ 7”

The newest bow rider in the Monterey boats line-up, she is a speed pistol with a 5.7 Volvo GXi (320 hp) engine combined with the Volvo (DP) Duo Prop inboard outboard drive. Its 50 mph plus on most any run and a strong, quick get-up-on plane acceleration that is ski boat, wakeboard boat ready.

Seabuddy is a big fan on how this boat takes an afternoon lake chop and rides comfortably in the ocean.

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 Next boat show for deals is the one in Palm Beach Boat Show 3/25-28/2010.

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In fact I took a slightly larger sister ship, the 268 bow rider, from Miami, FL to the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas and back. That was a great trip as both North and South Bimini have been catering to visiting vacationers since 1935 when famed author Ernest Hemingway first visited. The water there is so clean and clear that I navigated by eye as much as by charts. Note, the standard gas fuel tank was large enough to get seabuddy and the boat there and back with ease.

Seabuddy’s favorite hull colors for this boat? The Blue or the deep red. Get a main cockpit cover and bow cover that are color matched to the hull color you pick. Add a good toilet for the standard head, some water sports equipment and boating safety gear.

Oh yea. Take a ride before you buy in any boat. Its your standards that have to be met, not a boating writer or boat tester.

Photos from Monterey Boats.

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  • Chris J:

    Worth looking at the second page! But, that is not why I posted. I have crawled all over this boat at shows since it was the replacement for my model Monterey 248. Monterey really stepped up their game with this model, I am very impressed. Haven’t had the chance to get on the water in one, but I haven’t been dissapointed with them yet when it comes to ride.

  • seabuddy has visited the Monterey Boats Plant, but I did not see her.

  • On Holiday:

    The 254FS is on our medium list, my wife likes the size however it may be a little too big for our tow vehicle. We will be taking a 3rd look again soon. The boat we were crawling around in was “copper” in color and that color is not our favorite so we haven’t proceeded.

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