Mercury Racing breaks 100 MPH in a Baja Marine boat

boat photo image 35 foot Baja Marine boat with 700 Hp Mercury Maine

Cruising at high speed in a Mercury Marine powered 35' Baja Marine

Baja breaks past the 100 MPH top speed mark with twin 700 Horsepower Mercury Marine Racing engines in the boat test. This is a 24 degree deep vee offshore racer style performance boat that ran just past 100 MPH at 5,500 RPM using 34” pitch propellers.  She is a go-fast that weighs 8,100 lbs.

The boat tested had 50 plus MPH performance at 3,000 RPMS and 75 MPH speeds at 4,000 RPMS. All of these are very solid boat performance numbers. Her 95 MPH speed at 5,000 RPMS is also very good.

She is a Baja Marine Outlaw 35 model. A 35’ 0” long (longer if you count the swim platform) with an 8’ 6” beam go-fast fiberglass boat. Fuel capacity was 185 gallons.

An 8,100 weight for a 35 footer boat is not light. Baja does not want trouble with their Outlaw boats. They like a nicely finished pleasure boat cockpit and cabin. The boat has plenty of seat padding in the cockpit area and a good sized and well padded bed in the cabin.

Merc Racing puts a supercharger on its 502 cubic inch engine to develop 700 Horsepower in the 4,800 to 5,200 RPM range. Using special, Hi-Po parts, Mercury Marine set the compression ratio at 7.5 to 1. Also, she is a sequential fuel injected power plant. Try the NXT I/O outdrive (or stern drive). Theses motors and outdrives come with a one year limited warranty for recreational boating. The best top speed props are over-the-hub exhaust design 4 blade cleavers. Seabuddy thanks Baja Marine and Mercury Marine Racing for the photos.

high powered Mercury Racing supercharged engine photo image

This is the 700 horsepower 502 Mercury Marine Racing engine

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