MasterCraft 25, A new breed of wakesport / wakeboarding /water skiing boat

Buy your engine for this Mastercraft based on its torque output, not Hp. Get the 425 ft. Lbs. monster if you carry a gang, the smaller, base engine with 360 ft. Lbs. of torque if you go out on the water with just 3 4- 4 friends.

 Top speed with all of the full range of engine choices is 40 – 42 mph and with a best milage cruising speed of 22 – 24 mph.

This Mastercraft takes alot of power to get it to move, both in its 0 – 30 mph times and at the top end speed numbers, more if its loaded up with gear and friends.

With a hull length of 21’ 6” and a LOA of 23’ 8” most boat builder’s products would go 15 mph faster than 40 – 42 mph, more like 57- 59 mph with 400 Hp big engine. Why doesn’t this Mastercraft do that? Here is the answer, the boat is about a better ride while doing watersports. Not speed. The hull is based on Mastercraft’s CSX 220 for the ride and the engine was moved from a direct inboard center of the hull location to a aft mounted engine using a vee-drive to get the power under the boat. Seabuddy is not a fan of the same boat with the heavy engine weight shifting location as a general rule. Try both the X – 25 and the CSX 220 to see which works like a finely tuned machine to you. This MasterCraft  is a test ride (in two boats) required craft.

Check out the walk OVER engine compartment to the swim platform rather than the typical walk – thur design used by most boat builders. Check the storage offered on board, it is amazing. Notice the bow ladder. Try out the rear-facing, feet-on-the-swim-platform seats BEHIND the engine. The cockpit heater option. This boat is an award winner and she shows it if you take your time during your boat inspection.

Price is a little less than DOUBLE than most 21’ – 23’ boats sell for. It is top-of-the-line merchandise. It is a Mastercraft.


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