Lyman Classic Wood Boat turns Turtle

Lyman classic boat -before- right side up

The gang gets ready for flipping the Classic Lyman wod boat

Here is a 17’ outboard 1959 Lyman clinker-built classic wood boat that needed to be flipped from right-side on its trailer up to upside down on the same trailer.

She needed some bottom work and it is always easier to look down at your work Also who wants dust and 5200 dripping down on your head?

This boat (a 1959) was the first year the 17’ outboard was offered.
Beam was wider than the 16 1/2 ‘ but still a little less than the 18’. The hull depth is about the same as the 18’however.Offered only for two model years, 1959 and 1960, the 17’ which could take a 75 Hp Evinrude outboard was sandwiched between the 16 1/2’ Lyman model rated for up to a 60 Hp outboard and the Lyman 18’ often powered by twin 35-45 Hp Outboards. 

It is a handy boat, lightweight, easy to trailer, and seating five with a large space to walk around in the mid-cockpit, between the forward-facing front and rear seats. A splash well was built-in with this model aft of the rear seat. 

These boats were finished with a special color Lyman exclusive stain and varnished deck, seats, and windshield and a semi-gloss white paint on the lapstrake (clinker-built) hull sides. 

About 900 were made for the 1959 model year and another almost 600 for the 1960 model year. This model was then discontinued in the line-up. Peak Lyman production for all sizes was in 1955, with 5,000 plus boats going out the factory door.


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