Hydrostream Vegas XT outboard fiberglass classic boat

This is a high powered classic fiberglass Hydrostream performance outboard powered boat. These hulls have been seen over 100 MPH at top speed even with lesser horsepower Mercury Marine outboards. Speeds of 107 MPH have been reported.

How did the Hydrostream boats go so fast? It was the bottom and hull design. Owner and designer of Hydrostream performance boats, Howard Pipkorn was an innovative boat designer concerning what went on between a boat hull and the water and the air it operated within.

He first used a vee-bottom boat design with a pad to get more of the boat out of the water at speed with his first designs. These hulls fly high on the water. More of the boat is in the air than in the water. Only the last bit of hull is in the water at wide open throttle and speeds. Say about a foot or a foot and a half.

Stability and control is the problem with a pad v-bottom hull design. The surface of the boat that is in the water is that short last aft foot of boat hull and it is only a narrow width of a piece of the center pad that the boat must be balanced on as one boats over the waves, chop, and boat wakes.

Next, Howard then added some sponsons to add in stability. This added to the ability to drive a Hydrostream boat more easily as the hull used the two sponsons and the center vee of the hull as the three points to balance the boat upon while running at wide open throttle. With more wetted surface in the water at speed this hull shape is not as fast, but outboard motor manufactures kept making bigger and more powerful engines.

As the quest for more speed progressed, Pipkorn decided to raise the bottom surface of the sponson location such that the sponsons were not level with the center pad. They were above it. Near high speed they are in contact with the water along with the center pad, but at wide open throttle and speed the hull rides with only the center pad touching the water. That made for a faster boat that is sort of controllable at most sane speeds and yet have the maximum speed possible with a given engine power when an experienced driver is behind the steering wheel. This is the Hydrostream Vegas XT hull shape.

Other Hydrostream performance boat model names are Vandal, Vixen, Viper, Ventura, Verado, Vector, Viking, Viking, V-King, AE-21, HST, Vantage, Venus, Voyager, and Vulture among others. Let me say “sorry” if I did not list your favorite.

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