Hacker Boat Co. inboard runabouts

wooden runabout inboard boat photo image

speedy Hacker Boat Company wood runabout

Why is one boat builder solidly pulling ahead of the others in unit sales growth while increasing its top shelf quantity recognition among knowable boaters?

There is not a simple one-point answer. It is a perhaps too complex to explain in a blog, like seabuddyonboats.com. By way of background, I am a published book author. I also used to write a 1,000 words per issue for monthly boating magazines. Now, in about 1/3 of that length of a magazine write-up, I am tackling why a boat builder in upstate NY is realizing hugh sales gains, year over year, for say, the last five years, and shows every indication that this sales trend is on track to continue.

The first thing about any boat for experienced boaters is the boat’s on-the-water performance. One just has to go 100 yards into an afternoon chop in a new Hacker-Craft to know the solid, comfortable feeling of a beefy mahogany wood Hacker design as executed by the Lake George, NY boat builder gives to both the driver and passengers in the open runabout. Then, there is the performance, control, and responsive handling that the design, material choices, and craftsmanship used by the Hacker Boat Co. Plus, folks can experience the innovative solutions the company has used to address odd problems such as a windy home slip, when needed to fit the boat to an owner and his needs. Get more details here…  http://www.hackerboat.com/

Most boaters also know that at the height of the Bayliner story, they were bragging that their boats had 70 hours of labor in each boat. It is plain to everyone that even casually looks at a Hacker runabout; that each Hacker-Craft has (at least) 20 times that amount of hand labor in it. No wonder that most boaters think that the boats are fairly priced for the quality product that is shown to them by the team on the lake.

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