Grady White Walk Around Fish Boats

Grady White is a center console boat builder. They offer ten “Fisherman” or “Canyon” fish boat models. Fisherman and Canyon are Grady White model names for a  center console fish boat.

Why then, does seabuddy / chris brown and others think of Grady White boats as a walkaround cabin boat builder?

Let’s go back in time and see the answer.

During the 1974 model year, Grady White saw an deck and layout boat design at a Chicago Boat Show. They liked it, so why it did not sell well? Their insight said it was the usual hull shape of a cross between a Tri-Hull and Catamaran Hull. But, it’s short forward located cabin with a foot well recess going around that small cabin to the bow for fish fighting offered real benefits over a open center console. Gtady White reasoned that by putting that small forward-located cabin and walkaround on their vee shaped hull would match that “liked” deck design to their better running hull design and at the same time give Grady White a real one-upmanship over other boat builders.

Thus the 1975 Overnighter Hatteras 204-C was born.

This model made the fresh water boat building company more of a salt water boat builder and with a unique model usefulness that gave Grady White a ten year head start over other fish boat companies. They had the style when others did not and built a good boat. Thus, the walkaround fish boat and Grady White became its signature style and the style image that most boaters think of when they hear “Grady White”..

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