Grady White boats – Yamaha outboards at the Boat Show

Boat Show Grady White boat / Yamaha outboard

Grady White invented the walk around cuddy cabin family fishing boat and they teamed up with Yamaha outboards to make this class leader. Note the recess walk way in the deck all the way around the bow and cabin house. That makes this 232 Grady White a Walk Around model boat within the boating industry. Yamaha is a leading boating industry manufacturer of 4 stroke outboard motors. The match up makes a very good marriage.

A boat and motor combination is all about performance on the water. A 300 Hp single  Yamaha outboard on the 232 Grady White power boat gives a best cruising speed between 4,000 rpms (about 24 mph according to the test) and 4,500 rpms (about 31 mph in the test). It is the right outboard match for the boat with these kind of numbers. The top speed at just under 44 mph at 5,900 rpms is far secondary to the best economy (at reasonable engine rpms) cruising speeds.

The boat by its self is 4,500 – 4,600 lbs. With the engine, some fuel, people, and gear the test weight was 6,711 lbs. On a trailer, figure on a tow package weight of 9,000 lbs. or so.

The hull length is 23’ 5” with a beam (that needs a simple wide load road permit) is 9’ 3”. The standard fuel tank capacity is 150 gal.

Grady White has won awards after awards for their good boats and I would be remiss if I did not mention this here.

While at the show, allow time to try your hand at the free power boat docking game where you maneuver a model boat in a test tank using a full scale boat helm into a marina slip. It’s a timed test, with offsets for bumping, that is a challenge for beginner and even if you believe yourself a pro boater.

232 grady white layout at boat show

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