Four Outboards on a 39 Center Console boat

2012 center console Sea Vee 390 boat photo image with four outboard

Running towards the fish in a 390 Sea Vee center console boat

Here is a boat that gives you a reason to buy a new outboard center console boat. She can use 4 outboards, carry up to 40 rods, and boat (land) a fish easily.

This is a big fishing boat. The Sea Vee 390 Center Console fish boat is right sized for proper wave spanning (bridging the waves). She has a deep vee hull shape with a 22.5 degree deadrise at her transom and a sharp hull entry up front. This is not a stepped hull. She runs a traditional deep vee bottom shape for her good performance, even at low planning speeds. While a hull step may increase top speed numbers, this hull gives good speed with equally good cruising ability.

She is fast. Think 70 MPH type speeds with four outboards. 1,200 Horsepower in a seven ton performance boat with the right hull shape makes for a Go-Fast boat. Use a lesser number of outboard engines if you do not need such a Go-Fast. Boats have been powered with both twin and triple engines.

Rod storage in the console, leaning post seat back, the rocket launcher, and below deck inside the rod lockers allows for a fisherman to carry up to forty fishing rods. That is almost over-kill on rod storage for some. Others want their choice of equipment onboard every day they go fishing. This see Vee center console allows for that desire.

The really knock-your-socks-off fishing feature in this boat is its hull side door that rethinks how easy it can be to land a fish. No gaff is needed! This is a fishing feature that needs to be fully explored to see how it makes your fishing experience better. Use your helm and outboard power to get your catch onboard. The door opens alongside the boat’s hull to forward rather than down in the water to enable a fisherman to do this new trick.

The See Vee 390 center console is a 39’0” by 11’ boat that weighs approximately 7 tons with four outboards on her transom. She has standard tankage for 570 gallons of fuel. By the way, 22.5 degrees of dead rise at the transom of a 39’ boat is a good set-up for offshore high speed runs to the fishing grounds. Photos provided by Sea Vee.

2012 four outboard powered center console boat photo image

1,200 horsepower powering a 390 Sea Vee center console fish boat

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