Elco Marine Cruisette series and Lindberg

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Looks like it came from a PT boat builder from this angle

Elco made both electric and gas powered boats in its history of boat building. Elco made launches. They made cruisers which they often called Cruisettes. They made PT boats.

Charles Lindberg, the “Lone Eagle” bought a 38 foot Cruisette cabin cruiser from Elco for his honeymoon. Prior to his marriage he had the aft twin beds reconfigured to a single large bed. He and his bride, Ann Morrow used his boat. He had named his Elco cruiser “Mouette”. Similarly, other well-known successful people like Thomas Edison, J. P. Morgan, John Jacob Astor, among others, wanted these popular Elco boats.

Elco Cruisette proved to be a very popular model cabin cruiser since the title that goes back as far as 1915 when they advertised one of their cabin cruiser models in1915. Thomas Edison, J. P. Morgan, John Jacob Astor, the Grand Duke Alexander of Russia are among the others wanted these boats. They came in different sizes, such as 26’, 32’, 34’, 38’ and 40’ over the years that Elco used the Cruisette model name. The early ones were round chine boat designs. Only after W.W. II did the Elco company build hard chine pleasure boats. By the way, Elco built other or non-cruisette models from as small as a 18’ tender up to a 127’long yacht.

Elco bought a Hubert Scott-Paine design for a 70 foot British torpedo boat to use as the beginning basis for their PT boat design. They also used much of its design as the starting point for their entry into the Navy’s “Plywood Derby”. Most boats in this design contest were triple engine powered but one company used a quad engine boat in these tests. Neither this design (with its improvements made by the Elco designers) or the others won the competition for the US navy PT boat design in this series of sea trials, but the Elco boat was reported as first across the line. Elco did get a several contracts from the Navy for about 350 PT boats out of their results in the Derby.

The seabuddy photo images here show a post War 1946 Elco Cruisette that is 40’ by 12’5”. She is a rare boat as she was only made in a couple of model years before the company closed its doors. This cabin cruiser boat uses a v-drive system (or v drive) to get her under-the-aft-deck twin engine power to her propellers. Unlike earlier Elco Cruisette power boats, this boat shows the a PT Boat style vee bottom, hard chine planning hull.

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She is an express yacht with her engines aft under the cockpit

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