Donzi Boats and Volvo

In the Donzi Sweet 16 boat, Volvo and the outdrive for powering boats was matched up and shook the boat industry with a bang!

Jim Wynne had Ray Hunt design him a 17’ boat for the sterndrive from the Volvo company. He was to bring attention to the penta outdrive by winning boat races with this boat.

Wyn-Mill, as she was named, did not do the job. But the idea, this size boat matched to the stern drive by Volvo was about right.

Jim then, himself, designed a 17’ boat named Wyn-Mill II and promptly won eight world marathon records.

The difference between the two boats was mostly in the running strakes and the chine location.

A 17′ mold from the race boat wooden plug of the Wynn-Mill II, with a different deck, was pulled for some prototype fine-tuning by Don Aronow.

Once he sold his Formula boat company, Aronow shortened that boat mold to make his boat, the Donzi Sweet 16’.

Now the world turned upside down in small boats, with the Don Aronow Donzi Sweet 16, powered by a 110 Hp Volvo outdrive.

It stole the hearts of every young or want-to-young male that saw it; on the water, at a boat show, or in the window of the famous specialty store Abercrombie and Fitch at their 5 th Avenue Manhattan store.

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