Cobalt A25 Runabout or effective Wakeboard pull?

The A25 Cobalt brings a unique swim platform for water access for a family boating / water skiing /wakeboarding. Cobalt Boats also offers a 242 WSS (242 water sports series) boat without that special swim platform, but it comes with a seamless water sports tower at no extra cost. Both boats use the power trim in their inboard / outboard drive system to replicate what water ballast does for an inboard wakeboard boat. Such inboards do not have any power trim.

Both boats are about 26’ LOA and run like stink with a 375 Hp engine. Huh? Run like stink? Yes. Inboard ski boats with about 375 Hp show a WOT top speed in the mid-40 mph. Either Cobalt easily speeds 10 mph higher at WOT (56 to 59 mph GPS  in the 242). Inboards do not run like stink compared to a inboard /outboard Cobalt of similar horse power.

Now onto the title topic here. No tower means no wakeboarding pull to seabuddy. No matter what the boat. Cobalt boat or MasterCraft boat. One absolutely needs a tower to get the height and proper angle in the tow rope pull. No water ballast bags either means no wakeboard boating in an inboard boat. But I do not believe that water ballast system in needed with an inboard / outboard boat.

Water access? For me, I want a walk-in (or walk-thur) cockpit access (seabuddy is 61) but a fan of the sport of wakeboarding has better agility than me so climbing over seats and a transom is OK with them.

I will cover the 242 WSS in another post.

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