Classic wooden Century inboard boat

classic wood Century Resorter wooden inboard boat photo image

seabuddy photo of a 1959 Century Resorter classic wood inboard boat

Wood Century boats are called “The Thoroughbred Fleet” and Century made Resorter models in 15’, 16, 17’, 18’, 19’, 20’, and 21’ lengths over the years. Most had a big powerful V-8 or a big six cylinder inboard engine in a direct drive marine power set-up. Resorter boats were style leaders.

They had to limit themselves to boat building within the 15’ to 21’ boat size as their factory in Manistee, Michigan could not handle the up to 30’ plus boat models that competitors such as GarWood, HackerCraft, and Chris Craft offered.

Century wood boats relied on styling, use of color, hull design, and usefulness in their wood boats to get their market share. Their hull design for their boat models was often the fastest hull within their size range. They used paint and chrome as trim accents on their varnished mahogany runabouts. Their windshields often were style leaders in boating.

They had their own ideas about what made for a useful boat. Many of their competitors kept their seating within the boat in contained, separate cockpits. Two cockpits were the most popular. During the Classic years, Century wanted better walk around function than a cockpit themed boat offered. They combined the rows of seating into one big, open cockpit with a box over the engine. This allowed for full front to back access around the boat away from the dock float. No more climbing over decking that separated seating areas in a Century Resorter utility.

My seabuddy photos of a 1959 model year boat and one from another source show one style of a wood Classic Century runabout that is nicknamed “the Carrier deck” in a 19’ Century Resorter . The foredeck broadens out to a wide, almost aircraft carrier style, piano finished varnished planked wood platform. A very different and now rare boat design. They say that there were only 180 of these 1959 boats made.

My photos show one boat of a three Century brand boat owner. He may want to sell one.

detail carrier deck wood classic Century Resorter boat photo image

detail close-up of the carrier deck of the 1959 Century wood boat

photo from the internet paula faye credit

seabuddy gives credit to Paula Faye for photo about the Carrier Deck

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