Classic wood boats, Stauter Built, fishing boat

A well kept classic Stauter Built with a matching very old outboard engine here. She and her wood boat hull have stood the test of time. While many Stauter Built are open skiffs for fishing, decks and center consoles are also built. Fiberglass trees your thing? Here is a reason not to use them in boats.

Chris Brown / seabuddy have owned both boat types of boat construction and enjoy boating in a boat that is suited to what I want to do on the water.

…Stauter Boats have become a bit of a legend in the Mobile area. Mr. Lawrence Stauter started building wooden boats on the causeway in 1947. Thirty and forty year old Stauter boats can still be seen running the rivers of the Mobile Delta today.

Stauter Boats are made to order and care is taken to ensure that today’s owners are receiving the finest quality wooden boats available. A well kept Stauter Boat will last a life time and will retain its monetary and sentimental value over the years. Some of the same patterns used by Mr. Stauter remain in use today.

All of the boats are built with Marine Plywood sides and bottoms, resorcinol glued seams, mahogany frames, and oak rims and are fastened with brass screws and brass holdfast nails. The spray rails run the full length of the hull to keep the boats dry in rough water.

Stauter boats are built in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit the needs of the owners or to make a one-of-a-kind…

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