Classic wood boat Lyman

26' inboard wood boat photo

note the bow thruster inside the circle back from the stem

Here is a Lyman that has lots of; cockpit space, sheltered – open cabin amenities, and enclosed sleeping space. She is a 1967 26’ Cruisette lapstrake wood boat. Especially nice is her being fitted with a bow thruster that used by the skipper makes her into an easy to control single engine boat.

This Lyman is a fully restored boat and now equipped with a newer engine that allows for reliable cruising. Her restoration is several years old. The varnish around the boat has been redone on a regular basis. Her hull color has also been repainted.

Tom Koroknay, the noted expert on all things Lyman likes a 26’ single screw Cruisette best of all the various boat models that the company made over the years. Note that Lyman boat use a clinker built or a lapstrake construction style of boat planking. Each side plank edge overlaps the other plank that are clinched nailed to the ribs and screwed to the frames such that an edge of each plank is shown for its full length along the hull side that helps to get and keep the boat planning on top of the water and cushion the ride. A Lyman is designed to be a somewhat flexible boat so they can twist over the waves a little to also give a better ride than a carvel planked wood boat owner would experience. This year Lyman that is more recent uses Lyman’s sweet-riding hull shape from the waterline to the keel, while using the Anthony Giovagnoli naval architecture for more roomy and modern styling above it.

The keeper of the boat for this fine craft is George Hazzard, call him at 410-928-550 if you have more questions.

classic wood boat photo image

Dinette, galley, and helm station of a wood Lyman boat

photo of boat cockpit of wood boat

looking back towards the engine box and rear seat

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