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This model Lyman was only made for two model years, and this one is from the last year of production. She is a 1960 outboard Lyman 17’.

classic wooden outboard boat 1960 Lyman 17

Nice restored wood Lyman outboard powered boat

This is Seabuddy’s favorite Lyman model for its balance of easy trailering, roomy cockpit, and plenty of power. Go smaller, to the 16 1/2 foot outboard Lyman and one is limited to a 60 horsepower engine. The next size up in the Lyman outboard powered line-up was the 18’ where most would choose twin 35-40 horsepower engines, which adds complication in systems, controls, and over-the-road towing weight.

This boat seems to have gloss rather than a semi-gloss white painted hull sides on its clinker built outboard. The natural wood stains and varnishes look spot on. Many Lyman owners prefer the gloss finish, so she should be easy to be sold if one wanted to so in the future. Here the seats, deck and other parts show, to me, the correct, or “as built”, finishes. Lyman mahogany filler stain with varnish over would be the proper choice. Lyman boats was also known for its use of ribbon striped (sometimes called tiger striped) mahogany veneered marine-grade plywood. That material grade is more expensive, but to seabuddy it is worth it.

lyman boat wood outboard cockpit restored

nice, correct interior with lots of room

What is “clinker built”? It is the lapstrake construction style of planking. Each plank edge overlaps the other and they are clinched nailed to the ribs (plus, screwed to the frames) such that an edge is shown at each plank for its full length along the hull side that helps soften the ride. Also, these are flexible boats that can twist over the waves somewhat to give a better ride than most classic boat persons would expect. Get a ride in a Lyman to experience this for yourself.

outboard powered lyman boat wood restored

Note, the trim tabs for low speed planning performance

Lyman Boats had their production peak in 1955, with over 5,000 boats produced in sizes from 13’ to 20’ in length. These 1950-1960 year Lyman boats were well built, light, long lasting wooden boats.

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