Classic fiberglass Maltese Magnum boats

classic fiberglass yellow sport boat model maltese magnum photo

The classic fiberglass Maltese Magnum sport boat

Don Aronow started Magnum boats in 1966 on NE 188th street in North Miami, FL in with his 27’ race boat he named Maltese Magnum. That boat made history. But, he was already a boat builder as he had started Donzi Marine and Formula boats first.

The whole offshore racing thing had been around since 1960, when Dick Bertram had a wood open boat built that was 30 feet long. He named that his boat Moppie, the same as his wife’s nickname. That boat went 52 MPH, won at boat racing, and became the Bertram 31.

The 27 foot Maltese Magnum race boat morphed into the Magnum 27 sport boat. Another deck and cabin arrangement was also then offered on the same hull which was called the 27’ cabin boat. That model has a deckhouse with windows. It was first put into boat production in 1969.

A 28 foot Magnum with a rounded, higher deck for a roomier cabin without a deckhouse was offered until 1979. It is seabuddy’s understanding that 28’ Magnum boats were made for seven years.

All three models were raced, with the 27 foot sedan cabin model mostly used in Europe where racing rules called for such a cabin and deckhouse.  The sport model was the one that I sea trialed and almost bought. That one had twin small blocks and just did not go fast enough to get my juices running.

Most 27’ and 28’ magnum boats were twin engine boats, but a few single engine, big block boats are out there. The next most popular model was a 35 foot that was a wider than able to be trailered without a permit beam boat.

Why the photo of Filippo Theodoli? Now passed away, he was the third owner of Magnum Marine. His wife still owns the company. He shared his views with me on boat propulsion, specifically the use of surface drives on the water. He was a gentleman and kind enough to make a Magnum Marine boat with surface drives his and my joint platform for that discussion while at speed on the boat in the Miami area.

Photos from Magnum Marine.

classic fiberglass magnum marine 27 sedan pleasure boat photo

This is the classic fiberglass Magnum Marine sedan model boat

classic fiberglass Maltese Magnum Marine 28' round deck boat photo

The taller round deck 28' Maltese Magnum Marine boat model

Filippo Theodoli, 3rd owner of Magnum Marine boat company photo

Filippo Theodoli, 3rd owner of Magnum Marine boat building company

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