Classic fiberglass Glastron Carlson boats

fiberglass classic boat Glastron Carlson Scimitar inboard outboard Mercruiser

This boat was a futuristic new boat design back in the early 1980s

These wild looking designs were sold to the boating public back in the early 1980s. They reflect the imagination and design execution talent of a southern Californian boat designer. Art was an independent boat builder and racer going back to the 1960s. He made race and pleasure boat versions of his race boat designs first in in his boat building plant in Garden Grove and then Anaheim, CA.

Early Carlson High Performance Boat Company were the 18’ inboard, C-100 outboard, Carlson Challenger outboard, 141/2’ Carlson Contender, Cyclone, Charger, and CT-15. The most popular model was the Challenger as a 16’ boat with a 6’ 9” beam and it weighted about 750 lbs. without an engine. A far smaller model was the C-100 at a 12’ 10” length and a 5’ 6” beam and a weight of around 350 lbs.

By 1969, Carlson merged his boat company into a division of the Glastron boats and they called the boating result Glastron/Carlson. By 1980, Glastron/Carlson made a boat that was named by Powerboat magazine its “Boat of the Year”. That was the Scimitar, pictured here. These boats were 23’ inboard outboard boats powered by small block Chevy engines from Mercury Marine Mercruiser using their Alpha outdrive.

This was a boat that was a ½” over 23 feet in length with a just over 91” beam. They say the boats were light weight, about 1,850 lbs., and fast as the top speed was in the 55-60 mph range. Some say that they got as high as 62-63 mph with their boat with the standard 260 Horsepower rated Mercury Marine power package. One wonders what the shallow or semi vee hull would do with a “Hot Rod” version of a Chevy engine. The Glastron Carlson Scimitar was sold from 1980 to 1984. About 300 boats were produced for the US and another 200 or so were sold outside the country.

Mercury inboard outboard Glastron Carlson Scimitar boat photo image

This is a 1982 Glastron Carlson with standard Hard top

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  • Mike:

    I have recently acquired a Glastron Carlson Contender, how can I find out information from it( year…….) and what it might be worth?

  • It should have a HIN plate on the boat near where the driver would see it when sitting in the driver’s seat plus a HIN number and letter combo on the transom right side. Take a piece of paper and rub a soft pencil across this one and send it to me.
    That is if its new enough

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