Classic Fiberglass Custom Craft Boats

Custom Craft fiberglass boats are a classic boat photo

Jumping a wake in a Custom Craft fiberglass classic boat

Custom Craft Boats were manufactured in Buffalo or Tonawanda, NY and also called themselves Custom Craft Marine and/ or Custom Craft Industries. They were sold under the Munro name in London, Ontario, Canada. Munro almost always sold their boats featuring a low down payment and packaged with an outboard motor and a trailer.

The very first boats were kit boats and the boat builder changed over to fully finished boats with their fiberglass models. Production of the fiberglass boats can be traced back to having been started in the very late 1950s. Production stopped in 1964 with the boats being sold as 1965 models. These classic fiberglass boats made my seabuddy heart pound when they were shown in a boat dealership in New Jersey in the 1960s.

They were designed by company owner Henry Donald Canazzi. H. Donald used several of today’s popular design features far ahead of most of current performance boat builders. The Manta Ray and Delta Ray models featured steps, tunnels, and non-trip chines as well as other ahead-of-the-time type features.

He raced his Custom Craft Boats occasionally and won the Grand Island Regatta and the St. Lawrence Regatta. A Custom Craft T Ray 15 was tested by Mercury Marine many years back with their 65 horsepower outboard engine at 39.2 mph.

Custom Craft boat model choices were numerous, and they were made in several hull lengths from 14 feet to 19 feet, and usually in three trim levels in each of those sizes. The Manta Ray and Delta Ray models shared the same complicated boat bottom design mentioned earlier. A Manta Ray was a 14’ 2” boat with a beam of 68” and weighted about 440 lbs. Other models were Master Delta Ray, Flying Ray, Speed Ray, Star Ray, Sea Ray, Sting Ray, Devil Ray, Tiger Ray, Aqua Ray, T Ray, and Sun Ray.

Please, one more thing. Some folks used gunwale measurement length instead of centerline length in naming a boat model. Many boats can be misidentified by a casual study of older boats. The 14’ 2” Manta Ray measures 15’9” as a gunwale measure. Even major manufactures have used a gunwale measurement as it makes their boat seem bigger.

classic fiberglass Custom Craft boat photo image

Delta Ray model from Custom Craft

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