21 feet of custom designed outboard, Tenth Report, Tavares, FL Antique and Classic Boat Show, Lake Dora, Mount Dora She is a one-off hand sculptured beauty

custom one off twin engine outboard fiberglass classic boat

One of the top boats at the Classic Boat Show

It is not about twin engine outboards on a classic boat. It is about fine art on the water in seabuddy’s book. Ventuno is Italian for 21 I am told. To me, this boat looks like an early 1950s fiberglass outboard boat. But, she is still being finished and she was just a gleam in the mind of Gary Mac Norris in 2005.

frame work for custom fiberglass outboard boat

frame work started

Construction started the following year as a chalk line on a shop garage floor. Gary, like most artists, knew what he wanted. He bent a thin flexible section of wood into a more defined outline. Then he made the wood framework. So the boat would come off the building frame, that was covered with visqueen.

scribed sheet balsa squares over building frame work

beginning of composite hull balsa core

Now the hull was started over the framework. Sheets of balsa wood scribed into 21/2 inch square blocks and set on a cloth like backing was applied over the form. That balsa was shaped and sanded into the final contours of what Norris had imaged in his mind.

Then several layers of epoxy saturated fiberglass mat/cloth over that made the outside hull finish. Then, the boat was taken off its building frame and the epoxy fiberglass layup was put on the under (or the inside) of the hull.

transom boat photo image engines outboard mercury custom runabout classic boat

twin Mercury outboard engines on 21' custom fiberglass runabout boat

Thus, this art boat is a composite boat. A boat hull and deck of a sandwich of epoxy resin, fiberglass cloth, and balsa wood. OH! And lots of custom tricks to get that super glossy smooth finish that stops everyone’s eye when they see the boat.

wood finished deck fiberglass balsa composite boat photo image

custom touch shows the levle of finish

There are lots of custom touches on this classic boat. The dash is machine water cut engine turned metal from the aluminum mock up Gary gave to an aircraft builder. No stock seats fit in the narrow cockpit that was in this art design, so four had to be bought and cut / narrowed to fit. One of the top three boats at the Tavares Classic Boat Show, IMO.

custom boat dash panel windscreen 21 runabout boat photo image

Hand made dash and Windshield

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