Classic Wood Trailer Boat Restoration

Dave Hannam’s boat shop in Annapolis, Maryland is doing a restoration of a classic  wood boat that is being remade with easy trailer travel and usage as its goal, as well as a great classic boat. Dave is using his skill to make a classic boat owner’s wide-ranging travel plans into one that allows for “Have Chris Craft, will Travel”. This wooden runabout boat is a Chris Craft Capri 19.

Stop by Classic Watercraft Restoration and see top notch work as well as a boat restoration that is slanted towards easy boat trailering and a in and out of the water style of usage of a classic mahogany planked wooden runabout Chris Craft. Inspect how proper use of epoxy and 10 oz finishing cloth in the right places on a wooden boat bottom makes it a leak proof or waterproof wood boat bottom. A “no swell” bottom is ideal for a trailered classic wooden boat. Launch and she is ready to use. No waiting days for the seams to swell up and close.

wood bottom transom restoration restore epoxy finishing cloth leak prrof waterproof

mid restoration photo of classic wood boat

plywood classic boat bottom bow

sheets and strips of plywood

This boat is a single 9 lamination plywood thick bottom were you see big sheets of plywood and two layers of planking thick were my photos show where the plywood was cut into strips to follow the curve of the vee in the bow area. Do not worry if there is a drip or two shown, lots of shaping, sanding, and flaring is yet to come. This is a wood boat under restoration, not a finished restoration of a wooden boat.

wooden boat bottom plywood fiberglass epoxy 5200

close-up of plywood

Please note the new wood at the forward chine area.

wood boat chine restoration

new and old wood to create a replacement chine

This piece of wood was added back into the area where the original construction of this boat had a chine. Note the color difference in the African and Philippe mahogany wood. No problem as this area will have bottom paint. Previous restorations simply took the easy route and rounded that sharp line away. That rounding would be the faster, easier way. Dave wanted the boat back to original in cutting, stopping, and throwing the bow wave down and away from the cockpit passengers. Often, boats that do not have such a chine shape have spray knockers added to this job.

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