Chris Craft boats runabouts the Silver Arrow

Your author was born in the fall of 1948. In the winter of 1959, Chris Craft came out with a milestone brochure cover. On it, a 19 foot Silver Arrow was the speedboat featured out in front with a background of a 18 ft Continental runabout, 33 ft. Sport Fisherman, and a 55 foot Constellation Motor Yacht framing that Silver Arrow runabout.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 – after lusting for a ride in a Silver Arrow for 51 years, I got that ride in a perfectly restored one during The Philly Chapter of the ACBS Long Level Show.

The boat was a well-built,heavy craft that shouldered tall wakes out of the picture with the deft hand on the throttle and wheel of the boat’s owner, Dick Hickman. The weather was crisp, the boat was the “looker” on Long Level Lake in PA. and a near life-time year thing was well satisfied. Boy, do I love the ACBS and its two chapter’s in the Philly area and on the Chesapeake Bay. BTW, both Dick and I are members of each chapter.

In case you forgot, a Silver Arrow Chris Craft is a planked boat with a fiberglass deck and an inner bottom of sheet plywood. She uses spruce wood in place of mahogany for planking and set the boating world on its side when she was introduced. Unfortunately, her heavy weight (about 600 lbs extra over a 18 all-wood Chris Craft), pricing (about 25% higher than a 19 ft. Capri), and some new technology (deck to hull joint) only 92 were sold over the two years of its production. And not all of those still exist.

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  • chuck warner:

    Recently visited Dick in his shop
    He is doing well and working 14 hour days despite not being a this best
    Nice story on the Arrow
    He is considering selling it but market is terrible
    He tried to donate it to the Maritime Museum but they were not interested, maybe you can convince them ?

    BTW my Arrow is for sale unrestored if you know of anyone with interest

    chuck. 443 454 1338

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