Thunderboat Row a, 188th Street, North Miami Beach, Aventura, South Florida, Don Aronow, Jim Wynne, Walt Walters, Dave Stirrat, Buddy Smith, Jake Trotter, Alan “Brownie” Brown, Dick Cole, Alton Cary and offshore boat racing.

A good, middle-aged fast life involved with good looking women and fun things to do involved fast boats in south Florida in the early 1960s. Don Aronow, “The King of Thunderboat Row “ coming from North New Jersey quickly found out he was a world class offshore race boat driver. Once he got within the waters off south Florida and the Bahamas, he went from fishing from boats to racing in boats. He already knew the building and land development business. Don was a building contractor up north. He had left NJ with money in his jeans from his commercial building activities up there.

So, he started having boats built that he could race… offshore powerboat race. Busting through waves, running wild surf, jumping his racer over huge freighter wakes, and always, always with the gas pedal throttles wide open and boat speed at full speed ahead. Don always thought It was his job to keep the boat going as fast as it could go. He and Gar Wood, (who was from a different generation of boat racing) are the only two Americans honored with world-wide UIM recognition in the history of boat racing. His racing made 188th Street, North Miami Beach, Fl. and offshore boat racing simply one and the same.

don aronow crystaliner race boat offshore

that is Don Aronow sitting on the bow

Don Aronow started racing wood and fiberglass boats made by others when he first left fishing from boats and started out in boat racing. He raced boats hard and they often fell apart doing his blistering racing pace. These early boats were often named Claudia, named after his first wife. He went from a semi-vee boat bottom design (Crystaliner, for one) to a deep vee boat bottom design during this early time frame.

don aronow fish boat photo image 188th street north miami beach

Don Aronow's Fishing Cruiser when he first came to the Miami area

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