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Soon, Aronow found that he also had the skills to gather together a team better than most others to build racing boats. That quickly moved onto selling others his boats, both for pleasure and to race. He soon envisioned that for him, rather than clipping coupons in his old age, he could collect rent once a month from the boat building companies that he invented. Those boating companies became 188th Street. He was killed doing his landlord activities.

OK, how does seabuddy tie this stuff into a series of articles about some boats he loves? Let me stick a Don Aronow boat company brand in this write-up. Formula Marine was said to be “The Right Formula For Success”. Its boat was the 233 Formula. Available as a single or twin engine boat. She came with an off-shore deep vee shaped boat bottom. She was 23’ 3” long and 8 feet wide. That boat was a winner and MADE the new company viable. Don sold that company with the new company owners renting the building from him and Don started a new company on the same 188th street.

don aronow 233 formula marine boat photo image racing boat single 409 mercury marine

Restored Don Aronow Formula 233 racing boat

Here is a photo of a 233 raced by Aronow in 1963 (he came in second in the Miami-Key West Race that year in this boat) and first sold it to another racer in early 1964.  It has a single 409 Chevy going into a Mercury Marine outdrive. That engine package was rated at 310 horsepower by Mercury back in 1962-63. It powered the boat to a top speed of just under 65 MPH. Formula Marine Corp. had at the time of sale an address of 2940 Northeast 188th Street, North Miami Beach, FL.

the beatles in formula 233 miami race boat chevy 409 mercruiser mercury marine boat photo image

Don took the Beatles for a boat ride in a Formula 233 racing boat

Formula was sold to Alliance Machine and Foundry in 1964. Another boat builder, Thunderbird, had been brought by them in 1961. Alliance ran these two as sister companies. In 1969, Fuqua Industries acquired both companies.

formula marine 233 catalog boat image photo

A part of the Advertising for Formula Marine Boats showing the 233 model

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