Classic 70 MPH Ancarrow Consul wood boat

Ancarrow Marine 19' Consul model 1959 wood boat boat photo image

1959 classic wood Ancarrow 19' Consul

Today this classic is repowered with a 427 cubic inch Ford 400 horsepower V-8 using a vee-drive for that 70 MPH speed claim. Her speed was listed as 65 MPH by her boat builder in his sales catalog when she was new. This speed was with a Crusader Marine built engine when she was first sold (Crusader engines also were a popular engine option in many classic wood Century boats like their 21’ Coronado model) and then that engine was replaced by a Ford 240 HP Marine Interceptor and now the 427. Someone once said that this boat “eats Chris Craft Cobras for lunch”.

An Ancarrow Consul wood boat is 19’ 9” long and has a beam of just 6’ 5” and has a 35 gallon gas tank. A Chris Craft Cobra is a 20’ 10” long wood boat with a 6’ 9” beam.

Another point about the history of this Ancarrow Marine wood classic is her being a London, England boat show boat. She was billed as the most expensive 19’ boat built in 1959 in the world at the show. She then spent most of her time on the waterways of Europe.

Ancarrow Marine was located in Richmond, Virginia and her former allied boat building shipyard is now a state park with a boat ramp. Newton Ancarrow was the founder, sold owner, and president of this wood boat builder. His wife was the company’s secretary. This was a company founded by a boater who said he was tired of boat companies that do not guarantee sport boat speeds.

Ancarrow boats were made with white oak framing and 5 ply Makore African Mahogany Plywood hull sides and either 5 or 7 ply Makore African Mahogany boat bottoms. This plywood is rare as it tends to dull tools when being worked and boat factory workers noses and throats may be irritated by its fine dust but it is a good wood for boats.

These photos are from mecum auctions who got them from mahogany bay boat sellers.

classic wood 1959 Ancarrow Consul 19' boat photo image

Note the anti-trip chines

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