Chris Craft boat ….for You?

Let seabuddy say that this is a nice boat and it comes with a great history. I print the owner’s story he sent me here…

 The story of my involvement with this 1932 Chris Craft, 18 Foot Split Cockpit started with a phone call from my Father in the Summer of 2005. A collector, R. Clayton of Livonia New York was selling his collection for health reasons. He had a barn full of boats all in different conditions. We purchased the 1932 with trailer and towed it home. More photos and words on the second page.

The boat came with a Chrysler Marine engine and boxes full of trim pieces, many that did not match this model. The boat had gotten a start to the restoration process by receiving an all new Mahogany no soak  3M-5200 bottom and side planks in Florida where Mr. Clayton spent the Winters.    

Now that we had the boat, the research began. I attended the Antique boat show in Clayton New York. There I was lucky enough to meet C. Paradis who had just completed restoration of a beautiful 1933 18 foot Split Cockpit. He was incredibly helpful providing suppliers of parts critical to the restoration of my boat.

The next step was to visit The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia. There the legendary Chris Craft historian Mr. Jerry Conrad researched our boat. He showed us the actual Equipment Record (Build Sheet) and provided a copy. The boat was originally a Model 301 and was shipped to Detroit Michigan in August of 1931.

Then Mr. Conrad solved the mystery about the Chrysler Marine engine that came with the boat. He traced the serial number in reverse to a 1947 Chris Craft, 27 foot boat also shipped to Detroit Michigan.  The original Gray engine in our 1932 Chris Craft must have been blown and was replaced by this higher horsepower Chrysler Marine. We wonder what happened to the 1947 Chris Craft.

I hunted down the most every trim part using many suppliers C. Paradis provided.  The best move we made was to turn the work over to an expert. We visited Nichols Restoration in Branchport, New York.  Doug Nichols did the complete job using the parts I supplied. The boat has also been serviced and stored there each year since.

In most cases, I upgraded to Model 302 options. The most notable is the beautiful dash plate and instruments provided by Clawson Classic Instruments of Anacortes, Washington. I also opted for a 12 volt ignition system to improve reliability. Photographs and detailed plans from the Mariners Museum were used as guides for the work.

While I have loved the process and the boat, it has become a trophy and rarely gets use. This combined with paying for a son’s college tuition necessitate a sale. A trailer for the boat will be included in the asking price of $32,000.

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