Chaparral bowrider boat w/Volvo DuoProp sterndrive V-6

See this Helm layout and feel this bloster flip-up Captain chair for yourself

This boat has the most comfortable driver’s chair and top luxury helm area of any boat this size. It is top of the class in the mind of Chris Brown  –  seabuddy.

Compare it to any other under 20’ boat for style, function, and one that gives the Skipper a sense of command to other outdrive V-6 powered boats you are looking at.

In the Volvo Duo-Prop sterndrive, one gets a smooth shifting, quiet, quick to plane and gas fuel saving of the two propeller feature with a powerful V-6 that does not have to have any, let alone two, Catalytic Converters for 2010, except in California. These legal and functional issues saves an owner thousands at the time of purchase and every day the family is going boating on the water.

Nice walk - thur transom design adds alot to this 196 Chaparral

The LOA is 19’ 6” and the beam is a full 8’ for a good size cockpit that accommodate everybody. Weight is around 3,000 lbs, which calls for the V-6 higher Hp Volvo engine for good, all around performance with either a full load of folks or for all the water sports; wake boarding, skiing, tubing, and wake surfing.

Do not buy a good boat and then skimp on the sterndrive. Try a single prop drive and then a Duo-Prop drive and feel the difference for yourself, especially when comparing an Alpha I outdrive against a DuoProp sterndrive. The shifting is different, how the boat gets going is easy to feel in the seat of your pants, and the fuel burn at cruise is about 15 – 20% less. She is a slipper of gas – not a dollar drainer. It’s the way to go in the opinion of Chris Brown – seabuddy.

nicely finished sun pad for the ladies

Figure on WOT throttle speeds in the mid 40s to upper 40s range with a light load and still easily breaking 40 with more people on board.

walk-in makes boarding and water sports easy

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