Century Boats Resorter 20’

Peter brought his self-restored Classic wood boat Century boat Resorter up from Fl and took two top awards at the recent Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS 11 acre Boat festival in St. Michaels, MD.

His Resorter is powered with a gas Norberg engine. This is a rare combination, as the Cal Connell “Crusader” Cadillac 331 cu. in. engine was coming to market via Century Boats in both Coronado and Resorter Century Boat models and it was a lighter weight engine so it delivered speeds of 60 mph in a prototype Resorter (these Cal Connell modified  gas Cadillac engines powered similar cut- down family boat designs to over 67 mph in race conditions).

This Century Resorter 20’ is a 1953 model. One of 87 made that year by “The Thoroughbred Fleet” as Century boats were nicknamed from 1950 on. Peterbilt is a apt name for a classic wood boat Century Resorter  owned and restored by Peter.

Century Resorters were made in Manistee, MI in the 1950s. They were properly called utilities (walk-around the center engine box) rather than a runabout (fully decked over designs such except for the seating areas). These Resorters were all single planked  hull sides and bottoms backed up by a narrow batten behind the plank seams using mahogany wood in the boats that offered a little more speed and performance compared to its Chris Craft contemporaries. They came in 16’, 18’, 19’, and 20’ lengths over the years.

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