Burger Boat Company made early wood power boats

They made their first power pleasure yacht (or cruiser), Vernon Jr., which was 85 feet in 1901. This led to a full order book for wood power boats and yachts in the “under 100’ size” during the first 10 years of the 20th century. It was the foundation of an American Heartland wood power boat building force from a visionary master boat builder.

They built pleasure, commercial, and government wood power boats for many years during the 1920s and during the depression. A series of 90’ power tug boats as well as minesweepers and subchasers added to their reputation as a quality power boat builder. They also created a few sailboats at this time.

Metal came to the Burger Boat Company with advances in welding. This was at the end of the depression era. The first metal boat for Burger Yacht builders was a ketch sailing vessel designed by a famous naval architect. She was a 81’ steel yacht. It was 1941 that saw the first steel power motor boat, Pilgrim, a 65’ flush deck design.

Aluminum joined steel in the selection of metals in a alumium 36’ power cruiser. The alumium sailing yacht Dyna set world on fire. She was a 58’ yawl built in aluminum. She won the Newport to Bermuda race. This all-alumium boat was calculated to be about 4 tons lighter than she built in wood and 5 tons less than she would displace in the water if steel was choosen as her hull choice.

Aluminum was now the material of choice for Burger Boat Company and power yachts were what they built.

Fast forward to 2011 and beyond; they have a contract for 98’ steel power passenger vessel for dinner cruises and private parties, a 60’ research vessel, and a 129’ (212 ton fully loaded) Alumium power yacht.

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