Bow Rider to Bimini, #2, My Monterey, Open Ocean Bow Rider Cruising in a Monterey

On the eve of my departure, NOAA marine weather  indicated that the sea and wind conditions for a Bahaman Crossing were close to perfect for Sunday. I checked out of my hotel, dropped off my rental car and prepared to sleep onboard in a sleeping bag to get an early start.

I was not nervous. I have been boating for near 50 years and had done several thousand of miles of cruising. I had passed the first of four CG courses I had taken over the years before I was a teenager. I had owned many boats and been on many waterways across the country. I had confidence in myself and my boat. Cautious but confident.

My boat was a freshly built off-the-production-line and new-to-me  2006 Monterey bowrider.The Monterey was powered by a single 8.1 Mercruiser gas engine coupled to a Bravo III outdrive. Again, good stuff

My friend, Parrott Head, and I, seabuddy,  took a couple of days to outfit in so Fla. The hull had proven itself to me that it had the bow shape and other design elements that made it a top shelf choice for running in bigger water back in Feb during a sea trial. She was a deep boat that was heavily constructed and used top fiberglass materials. The stainless steel hardware was beefy. Most of the rest of the various bits and pieces throughout the boat were the best that the industry offers. The folks at Monterey had built me a very good boat.

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