Boat Test Four (4) outboards Center Console

Hydra-Sports will offer their new 2013 Center Console Fishing Boat with 4 outboards, with a total horsepower of 1,400. Four 350 Yamaha V-8s. This boat can also come with four Mercury Verado engines and they have tested this model fighting fisherman with just three outboards.

4 engine fiberglass 2013 fishing boat photo

New Hydra-Sports 42 at speed

This four outboard engines on a 42 foot center console is not for top speed or cruising speed numbers, it is for 0-30 MPH acceleration, pep when fighting a fish, snappy acceleration, get up and go. Prop diameter limitations, reduction gear ratios, and less engine torque down lo low on the RPM scale cause quality boat builders to mount many outboards as boat weight adds up.

side located four engine center console fishing boat photo image

Tuna door on the Hydra-Sports 42 Center Console fish boat


This Hydra Sport should weigh in at 12 tons. That heft demands multiple outboards. Four Yamaha V-8 outboards offer 1,300 cubic inches of displacement which is about the best indication of low end, out-of-the-hole grunt as one can get without knowing the actual torque ratings of an engine. Four 300 Horsepower Mercury Verado engines only offer 632 cubic inches. Try a boat rigged with both power set-ups and feel for yourself the difference all those extra cubic inches of the V-8 outboards do to make a peppy boat.

three across wide helm seating in 42 foot center console four outboard boat photo image

The seating is for three wide straight across behind the center console

This center console has a beam of 12 foot 2 inches and a 23 degree deep vee bottom. Fuel capacity is 630 gallons. Tops speed is 59-61 mph. Seating is comfortable and generous. This is a true center console with a wider than legal trailer width without a special permit.

center console fishing boat four outboard motors photo image

fighting fish in the 2013 Hydra Sports 42 Center Console

Photos by Hydra-Sports.

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