Boat Loan Rates

Boat loan interest rates dropped in mid-Feb., 2010. 

One lender reported to seabuddy that “more than two $ million – less than five $ million” for him, personally, in loans are working right now from his latest boat show.

What are the going rates?

5.99% for twenty years is a great rate right now. A great rate in January, 2010 was 6.12%. When shopping for a rate, ask about how the percentage down payment to purchase price effects the rate, length of the loan, amount borrowed, documentation, home port…as all may influence your rate.

Note, there are also very special deals if you want comply with their terms and conditions. I heard some “wild to me” type of deals recently,  more along the lines of a commecial property structure style. But they do spark some interest as they really get the interest rates down.

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