Best In Show – Race Boat D-U Class a NY built Raveau w/ Mercury Outboard

Best of Show - Race Boat classic Boat Show

She is a restored Raveau race boat with a Mercury outboard. Most remember Raveau boats as the ones that set the 50,000 mile endurance record with Mercury outboards on their transoms in the late 1050s. That record still stands, as far as I know.

Mercury outboards set up the sanctioned record run to associate the idea / prove that their outboards would last a long time.

Jesse’s boat won the Best in Show – Race Boat, a Raveau is a 1948, which was built in Long Island NY. The record setting 50,000 mile boats were built at a later date after when the boat builder had moved to Sarasota Fl.

The 50,000 mile Record Run was sanctioned by USAC, which sanctioned all of the Indianapolis 500 races at that time. Mercury outboards ran the boat (15’ and 16’ Raveau models depending on wind and chop on the lake at the time ) and Mercury outboard engine combos.

Marcel Raveau retired to France in 1963 and the boat company continued to make the boats until around 1965 with long-time employee, Walwork, at the helm of the company and in the boat shop.

Occasionally, a boat or two are still restored or made from new lumber, however, even today.

This one is a fully restored boat and has been in the Jesse’s family for years before he restored it and won the Best of Show – Race Boat Award in the Antique and classic Boat festival held in St. Michaels on June 20, 2010.

Look inside for signs of the anti-trip chines

note the extent of the restortation

It has the LOOK!

Family fun

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