Baglietto: the wood yachts and speed boats

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Baglietto is a shipyard that builds and has built fine mega yachts, motor yachts, and speed boats in its home country of Italy.

Baglietto was founded as a boat builder in 1854. They relocated to a waterfront wood boat building plant in around 1890. They built sail boats there and then crafted their first motor boat in 1906. At that time, it has been said that such an antique and classic wood craft would be called an automotive boat.

During the nineteen teens and the nineteen twenties they mostly made government boats and seaplanes. By the 1950s they were known for their speedboats as well as motor yachts with sailboats. They made sail craft, it seems, until about the middle of 1956.

Baglietto used mahogany, iroko, and teak for their wood boats. They also used plywood by the 1960s in their yachts, cruisers, and day boats.

In the 1970s, Baglietto changed to aluminum as their preferred boat building matieral. This was also the intial time that the ship yard built mega yachts.

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